From Booking to Checkout

  1. Check availability

    Please use our inquiry form to ask questions about booking methods and rooms.
    Inspections of the interior can be made before your stay. If you wish to make an inspection, please indicate this when you make your inquiry.

  2. Booking application

    Please submit the form using the tenancy application button.
    We will contact you with a confirmation within two business days.

  3. Inspection

    Please send a copy of your passport as an e-mail attachment.
    Please be aware that we cannot answer inquiries about our approval criteria.

  4. Payment of a deposit

    After you have been approved, please remit the sum of 30,000 JPY in order to secure your reservation. This payment can be made via bank transfer, Visa or Master card and must be made within three days.
    In order to ensure confirmed receipt in Japan of bank-transfer payments made from overseas within 10 days, we ask that you complete your bank transfer within 3 days of your application.
    Your reservation is completed only after we have confirmed receipt of your deposit.
    Please be warned that your reservation will be canceled if we do not have confirmed receipt of your payment by the transfer deadline.
    When you leave, a cleaning fee will be deducted from your deposit, and a maximum amount of 25,000 JPY will be returned to you in cash. Any unpaid rent or damage to fixtures will be offset from your deposit. Please be aware that your deposit of 30,000 JPY will not be returned should you cancel your tenancy at any time before the conclusion of your contract.

  5. Booking agreement and check in

    On the day that you move in, we will sign a contract at the property where you will be staying. We will give you your keys upon completion of the contract. It is not possible to move in or to receive keys before the contract is completed.
    Procedures for moving in can be arranged any time between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
    On the day that you move in, please be ready to pay one month's rent in cash.

  6. Monthly payment of rent

    Payments are accepted via credit card or bank transfer. On the day that you move in, please inform us of your preferred payment method. (Changes can be made later.)
    The deadline for monthly (28 nights) payments is one week before the commencement of the next month. We will send an e-mail informing you of your payment charges before this time. Credit card payments can be made directly from this e-mail. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you are responsible for the payment of any fees incurred.

  7. Departure notification

    We will contact you a minimum of four weeks prior to your departure date. Even in cases of sudden departure, four weeks' rent will apply from your date of notification of departure.

  8. Check out

    We will carry out an inspection of your room with staff present on the day of your departure. Departure procedures can be arranged any time between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
    Please complete your packing and cleaning before the time that the staff member is due to arrive.
    If your tenancy has been normal, no costs will be charged at the time of your departure apart from the cleaning fee (5,000 JPY). You will be charged additional fees in cases where the room is markedly dirty, there are damages, or you have left objects behind.
    After inspection of the room is complete, your deposit will be returned in cash, in exchange for the key.

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