★★☆☆★★ Kyoto Avocado Village’s Project ★★☆☆★★

★★☆☆★★ Kyoto Avocado Village’s Project ★★☆☆★★

Session One
FREE rent for 2 months!!


What is the project?

We are try to encourage people who come from outside Japan to know more about Japanese traditional culture and make it grow together with other culture.

Are you an artist in your country?
Interested in collaborate with Japanese artist?
We could introduce you some professional people /artist or workplace.

If you are here in Kyoto for learning or working in Japanese traditional craft field, you will get 2 months fee rent at Kyoto Avocado Village!

If you would like to join this project,
Please write your background and what you are going to do in Kyoto and send it to us by Facebook message!