新春、早速美味しいものを頂いてきました♫外観は町家、内装は超洋風な祇園 キャレ ド ミューさんです。和食が続いたお正月、さっぱりめのフレンチを頂いて気持ちもリフレッシュ!素敵なソムリエさんもいらっしゃるこちらのお店、祇園観光の合間にぜひ♡
A new year and I am lucky to have already dined well 🙂 A very traditional machiya exterior belies its very western interior at Carré de M, located in Gion. A simple French dinner is refreshing on the palate after all the traditional Japanese foods of new years. This restaurant, with a wonderful sommelier, is recommended for your travels to Gion.