今回のオススメのレストランはハイアットリージェンシーホテル京都内にあるイタリアンレストラン-’トラットリア セッテ trattoria sette’-さんです☆

今回のオススメのレストランはハイアットリージェンシーホテル京都内にあるイタリアンレストラン ’トラットリア セッテ trattoria sette’ さんです☆

This time, the restaurant I’d like to recommend is the Italian ‘trattoria sette’ located inside the Hyatt Regency Kyoto.




Located on the 2nd floor, this restaurant is lit up by the natural light and beautiful view of fauna that comes enters via its huge windows. The dark wooden tables also add to the calming effect.

I always go for their lunch where you have 3 choices.
For one of them you can choose between pasta or pizza (for 2000 yen). They are all quite reasonably priced and together with the relaxing atmosphere, this is another favorite spot.

Chishakuin, Kyoto National Museum and Sanjusangendo are all near by, so I would recommend this restaurant for a break during one of your sightseeing outings.

「トラットリア セッテ trattoria sette」