Here’s my report of my first half-day experience in Nagoya 🙂

When I hear ‘Hitsumabushi’, I think of Nagoya, and when I hear ‘Nagoya’ I think of hitsumabushi. That’s how strongly Nagoyan the hitsumabushi image was to me. So that’s the first thing I had <3 ひつまぶしとは、うなぎの蒲焼を1センチ幅ほどの短冊に刻んで、おひつの中に入れたご飯の上にまぶした料理なのですが、 結果はやっぱり本場は美味しい♡です。 Hitsumabushi is a dish of grilled and chopped unagi served on rice in a wooden 'hitsu' box. To make a long story short, the home of the hitsumabushi was as I expected - delicious <3 関西のうなぎももちろん美味しいですが、櫃まぶしは一杯目はそのまま二杯目は薬味を載せて三杯目はお茶漬けでと色々な味で楽しみました♫ The unagi served in the Kansai region is of course good too, but served hitsumabushi style, you're able to enjoy it in many styles. The first bowl-full is eaten as is, the second with various condiments and the third as an ochazuke (with soup poured over) 🙂 名古屋までは京都から新幹線で36分。 櫃まぶしの他にももちろん、名古屋城、熱田神宮、大須観音など見所がいっぱい!名古屋、素敵な所ですよ〜♡ To Nagoya, it takes 36 mins via shinkansen from Kyoto. Aside from the hitsumabushi, there are many other points of interest - Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, Ōsu Kannon just to name a few! Nagoya is for sure a really nice place to go <3 名古屋城 Nagoya Castle 熱田神宮 Atsuta Shrine 大須観音 Ōsu Kannon