② GEARを見に行く
2) Go see GEAR

I actually did not know of this one until quite recently. I learned of it from one of my guests.

GEAR is “More than theatre, more than musical, more than circus! Created in Japan! The first of its kind in Japan! A moving performance that awaits you in Kyoto!”. How about trying this very new way of spending one of your evenings here in Kyoto.

しかもこの舞台劇は言葉を一切使わない= ノンバーバル=パフォーマンス。子供さんや外国人の方にも楽しんでもらえると思います。
The best part of this stage performance is that it is non-verbal and done without the use of words. Perfect for taking the kids and for overseas visitors.
“The story unfolds through a series of mime, breakdancing, juggling and magic acts from world-class performers”. Check it out!


ギア プロモーションビデオ
GEAR promotion video