◆◆ 2016 ◆◆ Kyoto Avocado Village Share House

◆◆ 2016 ◆◆ Kyoto Avocado Village Share House
Cooperate with Japanese language school!!

【 Japanese Language program 】beginner class
Start from 19th,June – 28th,Aug, 2016 (10 weeks)

◆◇This program includes◇◆

◆Staying in a Share House in a residential area in cultural and historical city of Kyoto!
◆3 hours Japanese language lesson
weekday(9:30〜12:30) and custom/cultural study
◆Once a month,cultural experiences or half day trip.
■June■ Welcome Party/Mochi(sticky rice cake) making workshop
■July■ Invite Kimono teacher at share house and lean how to wear Yukata(summer kimono) and go together to Gion Festival!)

And more!

◆Fee is from 200,000yen for 10 weeks
(20,000yen per week!) for dormitory room
And from 300,000yen for a private rooms

◆◆Registration Fee&Fees for textbooks
10,000yen —

**The course will be held with minimum of 10 applicants.

Now rooms are available?
Please message me for any questions or more details!?

Kyoto Avocado Village Manager

Yasuko, Rita