◆ 2016 ◆ Kyoto Avocado Village Share House

◆ 2016 ◆ Kyoto Avocado Village Share House
Cooperate with Japanese language school!!

【 Japanese Language program 】Start from

19th,June – 28th,Aug ,2016 (10weeks)

◆◇This program includes◇◆

◆Staying in a Share House in a residential area in cultural and historical city of Kyoto!
◆3 hours Japanese language(beginner/intermediate class only) every weekday morning(9:30〜12:30), and custom/cultural study.
◆Once a month,cultural experiences or half day trip.

■June■ Welcome Party/Mochi(sticky rice cake) making workshop
■July■ Invite Kimono teacher at share house and lean how to wear Yukata(summer kimono) and go together to Gion Festival!)

And more!

The Japanese language program provide many practices of daily conversation for your spoken & listening skills to be brushed up! In the lessons, you will learn a lot of situational conversation that you may come across during your stay in Japan.

All teachers are experienced in teaching in Japanese for more than 5 years.

Half of the classes are teach in Japanese.
We also have qualified teacher who will explain grammar and any questions in English so you will be able to fully understand the grammar and able to speak conversation in Japanese.

◆Fee is 200,000yen for 10 weeks
(20,000yen per week!) for dormitory room
And 300,000yen for a private rooms
325,000yen for Tatami Japanese style rooms

◆Registration Fee&Fees for textbooks
10,000yen —
**The course will be held with minimum of 5 applicants.

Now rooms are available?
Please message me for any questions or more details!?

Kyoto Avocado Village Manager
Yasuko, Rita