Guest Reviews

Alex from USA

Having visited Japan for a week several years ago, I wanted to come back and see more than just tourist spots in Tokyo. Avocado Village gave me a great opportunity to experience regular life in Japan, while still having access to everything I could want to see.
The share house is tucked away in a cozy suburb, but the subway, Keihan, and JR railways are all a short walk away and provide easy access to whatever destination you have in mind. Kyoto Station or famous sites like the Fushimi Inari shrine are only a few stops away, or you can ride all the way to Nara for only about $5 with no transfers! It’s super convenient to go anywhere if you have the JR Rail Pass or Kansai Thru Pass. Closer to home, there are plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance for whatever you need.
Yasuko is a great host and has been very accommodating when I’ve needed help or had special requests. The house can be a bit lonely in the off season (since I came at the end of winter), but it’s also nice to have the kitchen and bath all to myself. If I ever want to spend some more time in Kyoto, I’d definitely like to see what the house is like when it’s full!