Guest Reviews

Kristina from USA

If you’re reading this review, you must be where I was a few months ago: Trying to find a place to stay in Japan. Kyoto has a great balance between being a big city with lots to do, and the casual atmosphere of a small town. Kyoto Avocado Village share house is a welcoming home for foreign travelers thanks to Rita’s hospitality. I found Rita to be a great resource during my time here. She helped me plan an itinerary and also gave guidance on events I wasn’t even aware of. Thanks to her I got to see a maiko show, rent a kimono, and learned about various other events and shrines I might have missed otherwise.

The house is super clean and nestled in a safe, quiet neighborhood. I appreciated the dual locks on the front door, along with the locks on each of the individual room doors, the security was reassuring! All the conveniences of home were ready when I arrived. It was nice to have toiletries, a hair dryer, an iron, and washing machine available for use. Up on the roof there is a conveniently placed clothing line to hang your laundry, but feel free to sit up there and enjoy the view of the sunset too. The kitchen is fully stocked with all of the utensils you’d need to prepare meals. Rita provides a handy map of the area which is easy to read, showing all of the nearby shops. 

I have to put an emphasis on Rita’s kindness, I really enjoyed the ‘Mochi making workshop’ she coordinated. It was a fun atmosphere and I got to experience the process first-hand! I got a little messy making the treats, but it was worth it in the end when I tasted the finished product! Very yummy! I fully intend to make a return visit to Kyoto, and Avocado Village will be my top pick! Best of luck to you on your adventures in Kyoto!