Guest Reviews

Tikvah Grace from Canada

Tikvah Grace from  Canada

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and stay with Yasuko in Kyoto. Upon arrival I immediately felt welcome. The house was clean and organised, so I felt very comfortable in my room (which had a new tatami mat floor). Although Yasuko is a very busy woman she took the time to meet me and answer my questions about Japanese culture while I was staying with her. She gave me greatrecommendations for places to sightsee and good local restaurants, she even drew a map with her house and its surroundings so I would not get lost! Yasuko is a kind and inclusive host, at the end of the year she organised a Christmas party for everyone living in the home and I cherish the funny moments we had doing karaoke.

I highly recommend Yasuko as a host. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness for her guests means anyone staying with her will have a very pleasant experience. I am looking forward to my next stay!